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      2. 人才详情

        2021-05-31 15:35:25litonghui

         The 2021 Physics Forum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
        联系我们:如有其它与论坛相关的问题,请联系张钧黎女士(zhangjunli@cuhk.edu.cn )。 
        大学从世界各地的人才中招聘教师,并提供具有竞争力的薪酬待遇。此外,深圳市和广东省也为人才提供了极具吸引力的补贴计划。如果您对我们提供的职位有兴趣,参加论坛则是一种便捷的(尽管不是必须)途径。我们已经建立起了许多世界著名的研究中心和研究所,并设立了拥有最先进的HRTEM, SEM, FIB, XPS, XRD, NMR, Raman, AFM等设备的实验平台。 
        We are delighted to announce and invite you to attend the 2021 Physics Forum organized by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen.
        Programme: The Forum will be conducted via ZOOM and participants are invited to present a 15-minute PPT presentation on his/her work. While the Forum will be open to all areas of Physics, slight preference will be given to Quantum Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Physics, Green Energy Physics, and Bioscience Physics.  
        Language: The forum will be in English. 
        Date & Time: The last week of July (Exact date to be announced) 
        Registration: To register, please send your resume to physicsforum@cuhk.edu.cn before 2021-07-15 with the title of Name + Current Location + Physics Forum. 
        Contact Us: For further questions related to this forum, please contact Ms. Junli ZHANG (zhangjunli@cuhk.edu.cn ) 
        We warmly invite you to join us in an online ZOOM Forum in the summer of 2021. Please also kindly recommend some of the rising stars and highly cited researchers in your field to attend. 
        We are looking forward to hearing from you and e-meeting with you this summer. 
        University Profile: 
        The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is a research-intensive university that plans to hire 10-15 faculty members at all levels and in all areas of Physics in the next three years. Currently, the University enrolls around 5,500 undergraduate students and 2,500 graduate students in areas of Science and Engineering, Management and Economics, Humanities and Social Science, and Life and Health Sciences. The University has a plan to expand to 9,500 undergraduate students and 8,500 graduate students, including a School of Medicine, by 2030. Students will receive The Chinese University of Hong Kong degree. English is the language of instruction and administration. 
        The University recruits its faculty from worldwide talents and offers a competitive compensation package. In addition, the City of Shenzhen and Guangdong Province also offer very attractive subsidy programs for qualified talents. If you are interested in exploring employment opportunities with us, attending the Forum is a convenient though not necessary conduit. The University has established a number of world-renowned Research Centers and Institutes and has built an extensive equipment platform with state-of-the-art HRTEM, SEM, FIB, XPS, XRD, NMR, Raman, AFM, etc. 
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